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″ How Unseen Energies in your Home And Office Play Havoc with your Personal And Professional life. Affecting Your Health , Harmony And Happiness ! ″

  1. Vastu is the bridge between man and nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. All these elements are found only on earth, and that is why it is the only planet that supports life and nature. If the residential and commercial buildings are constructed without any regards to these elements, then no benefits will be attained. Each of the five basic elements give us a precious gift from the powers of universe.

  2. All materials in the world, irrespective of their size, shape, color, physical or chemical compositions have embedded their origins from one of the ´Panchbhootas´. They all enjoy a peculiar vibration level, which evades the intelligence of human beings.

  3. Our ancient Vastu Shastra has been founded in such a way, that the inmates can derive maximum benefits from sun – rays and the energies of the sun like heat light, UV rays – the only reliable source of vitamin D (vitamin D is absorbed by the blood directly when the bare skin is exposed to sun), which is vital for sustenance of life on earth.

  4. Vastu rule are governed by God himself. For example – sun / moon / earth / wind etc are working as per God's fixed rules, same as everybody on earth (animal / birds / human etc) will get his fixed place for living as per his religious, devotional and family status. These are fixed rules and can never be change.