Baxi And Associates

Baxi And Associates

Our Processes

Know the dream

  1. We interact with the client to know his dream about the project.
  2. Take one to one meetings to make our understanding clear about client's social status, lifestyle and budget.
  3. Visit the site location and places which the client, wants to show us what they are looking for.

  Layout Presentation

  1. Take measurements at site or refer to the architectural drawings.
  2. Prepare measured plan of target premises.
  3. Sketch initial layout representing the concept.
  4. Discuss various layout phases with client and the team.
  5. Repeated layout presentation, feedback implementation steps till we finalize the layout to client's satisfaction.
  6. Take the approval.

  Cost Estimations

  1. Identify sources of various materials for purchase.
  2. Evaluate vendors and travel cost etc.
  3. Calculate Project timeline.
  4. Identify the labor cost.

  Contract Allotment

  1. Identify various contractors
  2. Evaluate their rates, quality assurance and terms for working
  3. Choose relevant contractors and allot the contracts.

  Execution of work

  1. Guide the contractors to commence work at site.
  2. Visit the site regularly for work inspection, guidance and corrections.
  3. Certify bills of various contractors and recommend client for payment.

  Finishing Touches

  1. Commence the final site inspection as per our standard checklist.
  2. Recommend corrections if there are any.
  3. Finalize color schemes, veneers and polishes, light fitting, curtains, handles etc.


  1. On completion of work certify final bills of all contractors.
  2. Handover site to client with some tips for maintenance.

  Future Association to look forward..

  1. Get the feedback from the client which leaves the scope for our growth.
  2. Create a new projects with the client or their near and dear ones.